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Brampton's Lawyer for Drafting Separation Agreement

Separation Agreement

Separation agreement is a legal contract created between the spouses during their separation. This contract defines the liabilities of each party on some crucial issues including: child support/custody, movable and immovable property and debts etc. It’s entirely up to the parties whether they want to have a written separation agreement or not. However, it is strongly advised to get a written agreement since verbal agreements are difficult to prove in the court.

Drafting Separation Agreement

While drafting a separation agreement, several issues need to be considered. It is of utmost importance for the parties to be aware of their legal rights.

Some Key Elements of Separation Agreement

  • Separation Date
  • Child Support and Child Custody
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Matrimonial Property
  • Payment of Joint debts
  • Division of Pension/RRSP

Separation agreement is not an ordinary document. It is vital to be confident about the agreement before signing it as you, your partner and your children’s future relies on it. It is recommended to get the separation agreement drafted by a lawyer.