Kalia Law Firm

Kalia Law Firm

I believe in the simple rule of understanding the client’s needs and providing customized solutions. Tulika Kalia is an Ontario Bar Member and a Member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. She is licensed to practice as a Barrister and Solicitor in the province of Ontario.

As a skilled attorney, I handle a range of family and real estate law needs. Operating within our domestic law firm, I extend our services to more than four jurisdictions worldwide through my network of lawyers. I ensure my clients benefit from my originality when presenting and defending arguments. I steadfastly believe that a lawyer is both an artist and a professional.

My commitment is to provide high-quality assistance while exhibiting empathy and dignity, and I firmly believe in you, my client. This approach aims to give you peace of mind and assurance that everything I do is based on a client service philosophy throughout the process.

As a reputable legal professional, I take great pride in being known as personable, approachable, and straightforward to work with. My top goal is to get to know you, my client, so that I can better understand your circumstances and offer tactical, efficient, and practically oriented legal solutions.

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